Resort Fee of $35

Includes: Towels, Linens, Housekeeping Services, Basic Cooking Supplies, Toiletries, Coffee & Service items, and fire pit supplies.

General Information

There are no televisions or WiFi available on the property. Verizon is the only major carrier available.


Alcohol brought on premises to be consumed by persons of legal drinking age.  Any consumer of alcohol on premises must be responsible for their actions and considerate of other guests.

Full list of restrictions
  • Excessive use of alcohol, public drunkenness, use of profanity, loud or obnoxious behavior, or the use of any illegal drugs will not be tolerated and will result in immediate ejection from the resort.
  • No Trespassing on Railroad or within 15 feet of the tracks running through the lodge property.
  • Drinking alcohol while driving or driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol on resort property will result in immediate ejection from the resort.
  • Daily and Weekly customers are limited to two vehicles per site unless otherwise approved.
  • Cabin’s maximum capacity is listed on the website.  No more than 2 dogs for any site. Please check with Resort management for a complete list of dog breed restrictions.
  • Quiet hours are 11:00pm until 7:00am strictly enforced. No loud noise or music during these hours. Noise restrictions include barking dogs and music.
  • No refunds, no pro-rating of fees.
  • 10 MPH speed limit within the resort at all times. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Golf carts, Rhinos or ATVs are allowed but must be driven safely. Helmets must be worn as required by law.  Lodge management reserves the right to suspend all such activity if it interferes with the enjoyment of other guests.
  • Bicycles and scooters must be ridden at a safe rate of speed within the resort. Helmets must be worn at all times.
  • Children must have adult supervision at all times in all resort areas including all resort buildings.
  • No tent camping allowed other than in the designated camping area.
  • No charcoal grills only propane grills allowed other than those supplied by the property.
  • No open fires are allowed in the resort, firepits are provided for guests.
  • Swimming and other watersports are done at your own risk, no lifeguard on duty.
  • Proper swim attire must be worn.
  • Pets are allowed, but owners of the animals are responsible for keeping them on leash and picking up after them. No dogs from non-registered guests are allowed on the property.
  • No aggressive dogs allowed, management has final approval of any/all pets. Breed or mixed breed dogs displaying any of the physical traits:: American/Staffordshire (Pit) Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, Chow, Malamute, Akita or Doberman. 
  • All pets must be on a leash six (6) feet or shorter at all times while outside and while exiting or entering any vehicles in the resort.
  • No pets are to be left unattended at any time.
  • All pet waste must be picked up by the owner immediately and disposed of properly.
  • No pets allowed in the lodge.
  • All visitors must check in with the resort Caretaker.
  • No auto repair or painting on the premises.
  • Equipment and facilities furnished for the convenience of registered guests are to be used at the guests own risk. Neither the owners nor the management will be responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of property by fire, theft, wind or any act of God. We reserve the right to dismiss any person from the resort for failure to abide by Resort rules, laws, regulations, ordinances and creating a disturbance or nuisance. No refunds or pro-rating of fees will be made in the event of such dismissal from the resort.
  • Each person is responsible for keeping their cabin or campsite in a clean and orderly manner.